Inquiry 5 Rough Draft Comments


3 thoughts on “Inquiry 5 Rough Draft Comments

  1. Overall, comments seemed to be written with consideration. Comments on Inquiry 3 Part2 seemed to be effective comment. Only thing I would recommend is try to make comments longer in Inquiry 1 and 2.

  2. It is good that you are seeing things that you did, that you wouldn’t necessarily do when writing this same inquiry at an earlier point in the semester. For example, when you say how there is a sentence that is basically restating your thesis in the middle of your paper, it’s good that you see that and are able to make observations like that now.
    I agree with your comment saying that you seem to be making Miami out as the bad guy, which they are in the situation. The ways in which you are discussing the issue show that, especially because this comment is towards the end of the paper, you have developed your position on the issue and are making it clear now what that is.
    -Alexa Bokar

  3. I think that most of your comments need more detail. If you’re saying that you could’ve changed something, then you should describe or put an example of how you could have changed it.

    Comment 10 is a good comment. It gives some insight into your writing process and gives pretty good detail. In general, your comments could look more into your writing process and how you felt, for lack of a better word, about the things that you were writing. Apparently you’re supposed to “have fun” with it.

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