Everyday Writing

Within the last week, here are some times where I used writing.

1. Rent check and mailing address on envelope

2. Posting comments on various websites and forums such as Reddit

3. English 111 blog, assignments, and free write

4. Texting

5. Replying to emails


Last reading

The essay by Nathalie Singh-Corcoran was an interesting read and displayed how FYC (first year composition) is important to students of all fields and how their writing careers will continue onward through their life and stem outwards whether they believe it or not. I could compare this essay with my own works in English 111 by looking towards the section titled “learning how to learn to write: the purpose and goals of FYC”. The writings have followed the awareness of rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, reading, and writing, process, conventions and composing in electronic environments. I believe the Inquires we’d completed showcase many of these ideas and skill sets. Inquiry 3 showcased rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking, reading and writing. We had to explore readings and think critically of them as to their potential effectiveness as a source. Where did it come from, who wrote it, is it biased? This all requires reading and then a write up in the form an annotated bibliography. This essay explains very clearly how a first year composition course will prepare all students for their future and how in all actuality the content that appears in the course could very likely show up again in the workplace and at the very least the writing skills gained will carry over into the workplace.