Inquiry 4 rough draft

Is my voice clear throughout the video and are the sound effects beneficial or do they muffle out my voice?


4 thoughts on “Inquiry 4 rough draft

  1. I thought background music was well mixed with your audio. Also, analysis of your rhetoric was mentioned. One thing would be try to extend audio to two minutes which is requirement.

  2. I like how you explained about rhetoric in this video. Moreover, background water sound mixed with your voice very well, help us to concentrate very easily. But, it would be better if you put some more active scenes. Overall, good video!

  3. I thought you were on the right pace for your video. the sounds were mixed well and your understanding of rhetoric was precise. The example that you used and analyzed seemed to be spot on as well. I would maybe turn your volume up, for when you are talking, and turn down the water noise a little bit.

  4. I can hear your voice clearly throughout and the background noise is a good volume. I like the background noise that chose also. Your content is very good, the only thing I would suggest is to take out the long pauses that you have after you develop your video further. Also, make sure that your final draft is 3-5 mins. Great job!

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