Inquiry 4 thoughts

I have done a little bit of work so far on inquiry 4. I’m using Windows Movie Maker to compile a set of pictures and back ground noises, which I found on, to compliment the narration that will soon be added into the mix. I still need to decide what I’m going to say, and I’m most likely going to write a script of some sort based off a section of the first inquiry. As for right now, I have two pictures of a lake and the sounds of water on a lake and birds to accompany this. I think it seems to work well right now but once I add some narration I’ll be able to decide if I need to tone the sound effects down or not based on the clearness of my voice. I’ll probably add a few more pictures such as people on a boat, or fish underwater to add even more to the theme of the outdoors and fishing in particular. I haven’t come across any problems yet aside from getting use to the movie maker program and tinkering with the settings to see what I can do with it. Overall, everything is going smoothly thus far and my next draft will include narration.


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