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From Jones’ rules I have taken away some knowledge on how to properly argue an issue and defend it through the use of evidence. The freedom rule pretty much states that you should stay away from personal jabs at the other side, instead focus on the argument and the facts, and in my case that would be to not take any cheap shots at Miami or the parking services. It seems like it could be easy to accidentally slip up and throw out a cheap shot because of all the headaches that are caused by lack of parking throughout the campus and the hefty fines that are issued because of this. I will apply the burden of proof rule through the use of my articles and compile my arguments from the evidence provided with them. Essentially I shouldn’t just make up claims and sell them as fact. The relevance rule will be used because I do not plan on straying from my argument that Miami should improve the parking situation on Campus. I also must maintain the validity rule and assure my readers that I am not making claims that do not match up or back each other up. The piece must flow smoothly and fit together nicely.


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