inquiry 3 part 2 zero draft

There has always seemed to be a grudge between parking services and anyone who parks on Miami’s campus. There are many factors that make this an unfriendly situations such as limited parking availability, fines with steep prices, and meters that do not adequately suit this campus in reference to time and convenience. For those who commute, there is no guarantee that they will be able to find a parking space that allows them to move freely to their destination without making it a longer trip than it should have to be. By utilizing more space for parking, and insuring that upgrades to the campus do not remove preexisting parking lots such as the ones sacrificed for Etheridge Hall and the Armstrong Center, Miami could ensure a more convenient experience while on campus. To add more fuel to the fire, desperate times call for desperate measures, such as parking “illegally”. If you’re caught by parking services, they will not hesitate to throw out fines that can be as much as $75 or more for simply parking too close to the line in a parking spot. Is Miami more interested in the amount of money they receive from these fines each year, or providing a memorable experience for the many students who occupy the campus everyday during the semester. I would like to argue that Miami is not doing everything to address the issue, and not providing enough lots for parking other than red zone lots, there seems to be more incentive involved with collecting money than providing a workable parking situation. With my sources I will argue that enough people have been bitten by the system and I will provide reasonable insight as to how Miami has tried to tackle the issue, but how not much has been done over the past few years, while an increase in students each year creates a bigger jam than the year prior.


One thought on “inquiry 3 part 2 zero draft

  1. Your viewpoints on the parking issue are comprehensive. That’s great. It seems that you have already known how to argue with your thesis statement. You just need to use cited information to prove the credibility of your argument. (Li Liu)

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