Inquiry 3 entry 4

Thebault, Reis. “MU pumps the brakes on student parking.” The Miami Student 3 September 2013. Web. 3 April 2014.

This article was found on the Miami Student and is written by Reis Thebault.   The main focus of this article points out that while there is indeed a lot of concern with parking for many students and staff, the campus just wasn’t intended to have so many cars on it. Parking meters have been installed in the Shriver Centers west parking lot but as one professor pointed out, Miami is not a campus that is intended to be for short periods of time, which is all that these meters accommodate as they have an one hour limit. Research found that about 43% of students who live within 1 mile of King Library still choose to drive instead of an alternative method. The consensus seems to be that Miami is stepping away from accommodating the drivers and is instead looking towards other ways of transportation.

This article came from The Miami Student and I found it online. The intended audience of this article is on students and the faculty and staff of Miami University. Like most of the articles on the Miami Student, they like to focus on the news and topics regarding and surrounding Miami University. This article was published on September 3, 2013, and updated on September 4, 2013. This article is less than a year old and seems to be a credible source because of this and other things. This article is also credible to the students and staff of Miami because of the inclusion of opinions of those who have had issues with parking and others who believe that Miami is better off with less drivers. Once again this article is based on the parking situation at Miami and is bound to bring up pathos when discussing it. There is a lot of frustration that moves through people when talking about the lack of parking spots available. Ethos is maintained by providing two sides to the story, those who think more parking is needed, and the other that believes Miami’s campus is better served for walking and using alternate transportation such as the buses. This creates an unbiased feel to the story. The source is persuasive to me because it shows that there is two sides to this story and it can better my argument because I have opinions from each side to base it from.

This source is going to be useful in providing two opinions within one article. It will help in forming my argument and will provide credible evidence as to what I am arguing for. This will easily fit in as I’m addressing both sides of the issue and in my opinion, will be very effective in doing so.

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