Inquiry 3 entry 3

Braude, Olivia. “‘Miami Makeover’ turns into parking takeover.” The Miami Student 22 November 2014. Web. 3 April 2014.

This article is featured in the Miami Student and is written by Olivia Braude. It focuses on the lack of parking spaces now that Miami is undergoing a makeover and construction has left an eyesore on the campus itself momentarily and on the already tarnished parking situation. There is mention of 75 faculty parking spaces being sacrificed in order to construct the Armstrong Center, and also another 220 spots that were replaced by the edition of Maple Street and Etheridge Hall. The article features the voice of George MacDonald, the assistant director of Parking and Transportation and throughout points out his concerns and how construction has severely affected the parking situation on Miami’s campus. The rest of the article addresses hefty fines upon parking illegally, attempts to utilize the bus system more trying to express the fact that Miami is an effective walking campus. There is mention of hazards to the handicap as construction has caused detours and more spots designated to the handicap are needed but that some were also added for those who need to be close. The cost of parking tickets has been described as disturbing but it is not the intent of the parking services, but only that they need to protect the little amount of parking that exists with as few problems as possible. The overall feel is unhappiness from many faculty members and students alike.

This article was published in the Miami Student and thus is exposed directly to those associated with the University. The intended audience is faculty and staff, students and the University itself. By quoting unhappy students and staff, it really provides our ears with the needed messages in response to the recent construction and its inevitable effect on parking. The credibility is very high in my opinion because there are direct quotes from those who work at Miami as instructors, and from the assistant director of Parking and Transportation. Along with this, students also voice their opinions and experiences so to me the credibility all falls onto the sheer amount of voices that are exposed because of this article. This article is not necessarily very old but is not as recent as some of my sources. It was published on November 22, 2013. But, it is still less than half a year old so it is not outdated. This is also connected to the parking issues that have come up at Miami due to the construction on campus and the amount of people who need sufficient parking in terms of its location. A lot of pathos is utilized within the quotes and opinions featured in the article. A lot of emotional responses and unhappy people who can’t seem to find parking when they need it and within a reasonable distance to their destination. Ethos is used because George MacDonald voices his take and concerns as the assistant director of Parking and Transportation which shows his credibility and knowledge on the issues. This piece is persuasive to me because I can relate to many of the opinions featured because I have also been in situations where I could not find a parking space and was late to class as a result.

This article is very useful in providing the stances of both teacher and students as well as the people who oversee the parking on campus. This will be useful in providing arguments in favor of creating new parking lots and spaces and will also include the other side of the argument as parking services state they are doing what they can with what they currently have. This will fit into my essay as a tool to provide specific instances of concern and unhappiness towards parking on campus.

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