Inquiry 3 entry 2

Navera, Tristan. “Miami University to boost parking options.” Dayton Business Journal 2 April 2014. Web. 3 April 2014

This specific article was featured in the Dayton Business Journal and was written by Tristan Navera. Within this article, Navera passes on information that Miami is asking for 1.5 million from the Ohio Controlling board to buy the old Talawanda high school. This would be for the possible addition of parking spaces for Miami University and would be located where the old Talawanda High School building lies. The plan would be to demolish the old high school and the few other structures in the area and construct 400 parking spaces and also use the area to provide more intramural fields to be shared with both Miami and Talawanda. Also, a plan to instead build a parking garage but that could cost them an additional 2 to 4 million dollars.

This article was published in the Dayton Business Journal and its intended audience is probably anyone who is affected by this such as those attending Miami University as additional parking spaces could save a lot of people the headache of searching for a spot without much luck. This article is effective in providing the information that is known publically at this time, such as the request of 1.5 million to purchase the old Talawanda High School. If this does not go through, those reading this would ultimately be let down because of the lack of parking spaces, but without speculating this article’s credibility lies on the author and his findings about the requested money to purchase the old school. This article was written on April 2, 2014 which makes it a day old as I’m writing this. It is certainly a current news article and it creates credibility to the topic. It is a little difficult to pick up on the rhetorical strategies used but pathos is used by bringing up that additional parking spaces could be constructed in the future if the request to buy Talawanda goes through. Also, a bit of logos is used simply because there is clarity to the article. This article is associated with the local problem found throughout Oxford and Miami’s campus which is parking or lack thereof. This piece is persuasive to me because it shows that Miami is trying to provide more parking for the staff and the students.

This article will be used to show that Miami has taken note of the parking crisis and is looking for new avenues to address the problem such as purchasing the old High School and using the land to build parking and more intramural fields for sports for both Miami and Talawanda students. This article will be useful in providing a stance that shows that Miami does care and is willing to expand the number of parking spaces assessable to students.

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