Inquiry 3 entry 1

Shear, Andy. ” Miami’s parking situation go from bad to worse; a senior’s take on parking     garage problems.” The Miami Student 1 April 2014 Web. 4 April 2014

This article is a letter to the editor of the Miami Student about Miami’s parking situation and in particular the parking garage. The author, Andy Shear, goes into detail about an afternoon in which he attempts to find a parking space within the parking garage. The garage is full and he’s unaware of this. One of the problems he points out is that there are no indicators given to drivers before they enter the garage to specify whether or not the garage has any space left. This causes people the hassle of driving blindly through the garage in hopes of finding something but in this case he has no such luck. Shear rhetorically asks if Miami’s goal is to make money off its students through tickets, as he was forced to park in a yellow zone and was ticketed for doing so. Rather than missing more class time or group work, he chose to risk it but was fined, and so he simply wonders if Miami is doing everything in its power to supply adequate parking to try and limit these experiences for students who need to park on campus. Shear brings up an excellent point about the ever growing number of students each year, but the lack of any real upgrade to the parking.

This letter was sent to the Miami Student because it is directly associated with students and staff of Miami University. This provides more students with an opportunity to be exposed to it, as I’m sure more students read the Miami Student than the local Oxford Press. The intended audience is students in particular, but instructors, professors and the staff of Miami’s many operations would also be an audience because they surely are ticketed just as much as the students. I believe that this is a credible source because it’s coming directly from a student and should be interpreted as a true story as there seems to be little incentive to lying about the parking situation from this stance. I’d see it more likely that if a lie was made about this topic, it’d focus on how Miami’s parking situation is working properly and there are no problems. However, this one story can be multiplied into many similar stories as I’m sure something similar to this has happened to many students. This article is not even a week old so that adds to the ethos and credibility. This problem is connected to the problems all around the country that have to do with high influxes of people and the inability to cater to everyone’s needs as a driver by providing parking for everyone. This article seems to lean heavily on pathos as Shear tries to put you in his shoes and explain how he missed out on valuable class time because of the lack of parking spaces and the ineffective ways in letting students know that a garage is at full capacity.

This article could prove effective in my essay because it provides a specific example of why one student feels Miami’s parking situation has gone from bad to worse, as his title states. I believe it will fit in my essay as an argumentative tool for taking a stance that provides specific examples of how the parking at Miami has failed students who are trying to get the most out of their Miami experience.

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