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I’ve fumbled around with a few topics already but I believe I have the issue that I want to work with. As many students and teacher already know, parking on campus is a really big problem. I am lucky enough to have access to a red parking pass, as I share one with my roommate who is finishing her master’s degree. This makes it easier for me as I don’t live on campus, but for other people it can be a real nightmare trying to get close enough to your class without sacrificing your own time to make sure you’re not late. From the Jones reading, I focused on inductive reasoning once I read about it, as it seems to be an effective way to provide your evidence and in little pieces to generalize the conclusion that you’re after. In my case, I’ll be able to provide many reasons why our parking situation here at Miami isn’t so good. Deductive reasoning is also a great way to show that a generalization about many aspects of the parking situation can help to pinpoint more specific aspects and form conclusions that way. I think this topic about parking is a pretty big issue and there is plenty of stances on the issue.

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