McClure Blog Post

So far I’m still a little skeptical about Inquiry 3 and if we’re suppose to address 6 different current events, or try to find 6 articles based on 1 event. So far, I’ve found an interesting article about a fraternity that is axing the pledging process after recent deaths due to things such as overdoses, alcohol poisoning and hypothermia. It was not pointed out where these deaths occurred but I do know that Miami has a chapter of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity located on Talawanda Street.  I can relate to McClure’s article in that I also am one of those students who uses Google and Wikipedia a lot. I was always told throughout my middle school and high school time that these sources were not credible but as time has gone by, I have found that Wikipedia usually always has correct information and the people who are dedicated to making Wikipedia and reliable source do a pretty good job of keeping incorrect information away from their pages. I believe it provides good information on a lot of things that can be useful to get an idea as to what you’re researching but I can understand professors and teachers not wanting it to be cited as a source. Since being at Miami I have taken advantage of the University Libraries page and their web search tools that take you to credible, academic sources and that has really helped out in a lot of research I’ve done here.

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