Inquiry 3 Zero Draft

“America’s ‘deadliest fraternity’ drops pledging” published in the Oxford Press. I believe the intended audience for this article is for a lot of college students and those who are interested in joining a fraternity. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a fraternity represented all over the country including here at Miami. There is also a video transcript which provided by I believe this article was effective in covering the news that Sigma Alpha Epsilon will now eliminate pledging in an attempt to cleanse their name of the recent pledging deaths. The title alone is eye catching as Sigma Alpha Epsilon is being referred to as the deadliest frat in America. The rhetoric here is very bold and definitely catches the eyes of readers who know of a Sigma chapter on their college campuses. I think pathos is being used heavily as this article reflects on how Sigma’s pledging process has resulted in multiple deaths and torture-like initiations that led to overdoses, alcohol poisoning and hypothermia. This source is persuasive for me as a reader and somewhat relevant because this fraternity is located on our campus and even though these deaths were not here this axing of the pledging system affects the fraternity here.

3 thoughts on “Inquiry 3 Zero Draft

  1. I think that you analyze and explain the situation very well. However, you don’t give examples as to why this is an issue in Oxford. I would like you to explain how you are going to connect this issue to Oxford. You could single out a situation in Oxford that may have happened recently and talk it.

  2. I agree with the post above me. I do not see the relationship to Oxford. I also do not see how the changes to the pledging system in SAE will affect anyone in Oxford, other than the people in SAE.

  3. I think you can definitely work this into something local. Maybe also talk about how beta just got kicked off for hazing. Its showing how hazing is either being targeted or changed. Also, it affects the university because a “higher tear” frat has axed its hazing.

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