Mathieu Reading

After reading through the article on the rhetoric’s of coffee, I have come to a better understanding of how to anaylze something and pick out the rhetoric it’s using. It shows that you  to not only look for the rhetoric on the surface, but to dig deeper and think critically about every process involved. In regards to Starbucks it is possible that everything you see in the store is some form of rhetoric in that it’s trying to pull you in and get you to buy a cup of coffee, through imagery, hospitality and even how they name their coffees.  This shows me that for our assignment I need to totally analyze everything about the site I’m going to write about. Everything from their logos and images to the text font they use because it all could bear some meaning as to how they’re trying to attract an audience, and who that audience might be.  This article shows me that there are many areas to search in any business or website to find how they’re trying to use rhetoric to attract customers and daily visitors. I will keep this reading in mind when I explore a website and try to uncover the ways that rhetoric is used there. Situations where businesses use words to make customers feel a certain way is probably when food places use fancy names for their food to be creative and unique.

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