Inquiry 2 Zero Draft

For my Inquiry 2, I’m choosing to do a rhetorical analysis on the Huffington Post. I’ve actually never visited this news reader so there will be no biases involved.  At first glance, the date and the title  pop out, the title more so because it is capitalized and larger.  Like a lot of news readers, a main story is featured with a large picture and a large title.

As I was browsing the site, the top story changed once. Something that I found interesting is that this site also features a blog, which is showcased to the left side of the page. It shows a picture of the author next to their post and from this I gathered that there’s an age distribution  from early 20’s up into people in their 60’s and 70’s as far as blog posters goes. The site relies on pictures to capture interest in stories  because they provide a picture next to every story. I think this caters to a younger audience, possibly college students and recent graduates who browse this site in their free time or in between classes. I feel like these pictures would increase interest because some of them are gifs, and others are eye grabbing in general.  Also, the stories on the front page seem to only offer keywords or topics of what the story is about, requiring you to click on the picture to actually get more than just a title, and I think younger people are more likely to do this.

With different sub sections of the site such as “gay voices”, “horoscopes”, “Sports”, “Celebrity”, and “GPS for the soul”, I can tell even more so that this news aggregator is for a younger based audience, with possibly more liberal views and sections dedicated solely to women. There’s a section called “Voices” and includes, women voices, black voices, Latino voices, gay voices, religion, teen, crime and impact. This offers more news for any demographic of Americans and keeps a very open mind in showing that the Huffington Post is for the people, all people and is not afraid to showcase all opinions of all people alike. The news is mostly U.S. news but there is also a worldpost section which focuses on global news.

2 thoughts on “Inquiry 2 Zero Draft

  1. This is a good start. In the first couple of paragraphs you should discuss the significance of the examples that you provide. You’re also going to want to talk about ethos, pathos, logos and kairos like he’s always talking about. But, it’s a good start.

  2. Good start on your paper. I liked the analysis of the websites design. I would agree with the previous comment about adding in some ethos, pathos, and logos. Additionally, I would suggest that you spend some time considering the biases of the site, and providing evidence as to why you believe a certain demographic dominates The Huffington Post.

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